I am a journalist, presenter and self-shooter for the BBC World Service.

I cover news, art, music, technology and religion around the world for the BBC.

I am currently working as the BBC World Service’s first ever Visual Journalist in Faith & Ethics. My journalism has been in lots of places, from the front page of the BBC website, to the front page of national press and TikTok’s For You Page. I’ve travelled to Beirut, Phnom Penh, Nairobi, Rome, Jerusalem and Birmingham, Alabama for the BBC – as well as miles of internet wormholes. Being a Spanish and Arabic speaker helps.

I’m the first BBC journalist to experiment with TikTok, where I’ve accrued nearly a quarter of a million followers. I use my social media skills and languages to cover everything from New York’s Instagram witches to a miracle altar in Beirut, the Emirati girls fleeing their families to a viral Dutch face-waxing trend, and from abortion in Malta to the little-known lives of female Qur’an reciters.

I also broke the story of President Trump covertly campaigning on TikTok. You know, the app he was trying to ban.

You might have seen/heard me on BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live, Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour or You and Yours, the Sunday programme and the Six O’Clock News. But I am happiest on your smartphone screen.

I sit on the TikTok Creator Council alongside 9 of the UK’s most successful creators and I’m one of the 2020 Edinburgh TV Festival’s #OnesToWatch. I’ve also been a member of the John Schofield Trust and Sandy Chalmers scheme for BBC women in audio.

I’ve won a bunch of awards, but I won’t bang on about them. Oh alright, if I must – I was picked as one of TikTok’s top 10 ‘Voices of Change’ on the app in 2020, was a MHPC’s #30ToWatch Young Journalist Award Winner in Culture, Entertainment and Lifestyle, got an XCity award from City University for ‘ambitious and distinctive content on religion’ and a Webby for Social Media in Arts and Culture. When I accepted the Webby award three years ago, I said in my speech that ‘life isn’t just about algorithms.’ Turns out I was wrong.

Nonetheless I regularly speak in the media and on panels about journalism innovation.