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TikTok Promoted ‘Deepfake AI Porn’ of Billie Eilish to People’s For You Pages

Women in the UK Are Being Denied Medical Treatment Because They’re Virgins

Conspiracy Theorists Have Come for US Couple Denied Abortion in Europe

‘I Don’t Trust Him’: The Women Battling the World’s Forgotten Sexual Health Crisis

Elon Musk Fired Twitter’s Sustainability Team As COP27 Started

‘There’s Rampant Bigotry’: The Women Taking On the Crypto Bros

Google Maps Is Still Failing to Direct People to Actual Abortion Clinics

‘Deeply Worrying’: UK Anti-Abortion Groups Turn Focus to Students

Ukrainians Are Responding to the Threat of Nukes By Organising an Orgy

It’s OK to Ask Detained Tourists About Abortions, US Border Agency Says

US Tourist Denied Emergency Abortion in Europe Takes Country to Court

There’s Been a Surge in Anti-Monarchy Posts Online Since the Queen’s Death

‘Greenwashing’: Tree-Planting Schemes Are Just Creating Tree Cemeteries

TikTok Isn’t Removing All Content Featuring Andrew Tate

The Far-Right Is Coming For Abortion Rights in the Heart of Europe

This Italian Beach Looks Perfect. But Is There Something in the Water?

1 in 10 Complaints to UK Parliament’s Bullying Watchdog Are Withdrawn

The NHS Advertised an Anti-Abortion Group on Its Website

Referee Back at Work Just 1 Month After ‘Sharing Intimate Photos of Players’

‘Highly Concerning’: Hymen Repair Videos Flourishing on TikTok and YouTube

UK Government Has Only Spent Half the Sex Education Training Money It Promised

‘They Told Us We Should Die’: Far-Right Hate Enters Madrid’s Classrooms

Muslim and Christian Ukrainian Refugees Are Sheltering in This Orthodox Church

‘Shambolic’ UK Visa System Is Stranding Ukrainian Refugees Across Europe

Undocumented Roma Refugees Facing Discrimination As They Flee Ukraine

Romania Is Handing Out 30 Million Anti-Radiation Pills Because of Russia

TikTok Has Blocked Russians From Covering Protests. Creators Feel Abandoned.

Russia Is Trying to Block Ukraine War Footage on TikTok

A Massive ‘Sex for Grades’ Scandal Is Being Exposed by Women on Instagram

Italy’s Anti-Vaxxers Are Paying Hundreds of Euros for Fake COVID Passes

How Posing With a Giant Penis Statue Landed an Influencer in Court

Viral Vigilantes or Snitches? 2021 Was the Year of Mob Moderation on TikTok 

‘This Your Girlfriend?’: Videos Shaming Women for Sex Jokes Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok Has an Incel Problem

Climate Activists Say They’re Sick of Being ‘Youthwashed’ at COP26

Drink-Spiking Victims Are Being Failed by Police and NHS

Anti-Vaxxer Preppers Are Offering Courses on Gardening, Chess and Urban Warfare

Doctors Are Being Forced Off Clubhouse by Anti-Vax Harassment

TikTok Is Hosting Ads for ‘Whipped Cream’. But It’s Actually Nitrous Oxide

Anti-Vaxxers Are Learning How To Game TikTok’s Algorithm – And They’re Going Viral

An Idyllic Beach Made Vogue Italia’s Cover, but Not the Huge Chemical Plant Behind It


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