On ‘The Brujas of Brooklyn’, an Instagram-first documentary self-shot and produced by Sophia for the BBC World Service.

Interview with

Interview with Story Jungle:

On Religion in the Digital Age, a 4-part series presented by Sophia for the BBC World Service.

The Tablet: “Beguiling.”

Church Times: “Valuable insights.”

On Sophia’s TikToks

The Guardian: “There are also formats the BBC hasn’t even tried to touch – most notably TikTok, the shortform video-sharing app that is hugely popular among under-18s. There are users in Broadcasting House ready to build these digital presences, such as BBC journalists Sophia Smith Galer and Emma Bentley, who both share videos about working at the broadcaster on TikTok, and who have both accrued over 12K followers and regularly go viral. Yet they seem to be either flying under the senior radar, or being ignored.”

Interview with US media newsletter Deez Links: